The Proteus Project

Proteus is a versatile, interactive 3D structure-from-motion implementation that allows a user to trace the contours of an object in a video and then attempts to extract a 3D model from it.


Proteus is a semi-automatic structure-from-motion implementation that makes it straightforward – even for novice users – to obtain 3D models of real-world objects from digital video sequences. This is facilitated by the user tracing object outlines in key frames of the video.

The process of doing so is supported by a novel guidance technique that interactively "snaps" the annotations to object outlines. As a result, Proteus can be used for rapid interactive capture of 3D models that can be used in virtual and augmented reality scenarios such as computer games, online worlds and urban modelling.


» Final Dissertation (PDF, 13 MB)
» Poster and abstract published at VMV 2009
» Synopsis for SET Award
» Talk given at the Women@CL lunch
» Project Proposal

N.B.: The Proteus project has now been completed and the dissertation about it has been submitted. The code is available for anyone to download and use, licensed under GPLv2.


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